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South Pacific Adventure Travel & Expeditions

Posted by Admin December - 18 - 2011 Comments Off

Perhaps one of the world’s most iconic destinations, with its mist-shrouded volcanic peaks, turquoise waters teeming with rainbow-hued sea life, and decidedly decadent beaches, the South Pacific should top any adventure traveler’s life list. Sail by small-ship for a South Pacific adventure tour sure to engage your mind and spirit, with snorkeling, diving, and walks on the sand juxtaposed with lively dancing by the locals in Micronesia, searching for the megapode in Tonga, and viewing the amazing stone currency on the island of Yap or the enigmatic moai on Easter Island.

During your South Pacific expedition, Zegrahm’s naturalists, marine biologists, and ornithologists step onto the islands with you—introducing you to the Marshallese, renowned for their ingenious canoes; navigating Zodiacs to seldom-visited isles; sharing knowledge of endemic bird species; or hiking through remote and lush volcanic landscapes. The sea itself defines South Pacific eco travel and to that end, you’ll snorkel among colorful reefs teeming with fish, dolphins, turtles, and whales; sail from remote atolls to towering volcanic islands; and take Zodiac cruises down mangrove lined rivers, along wave-beaten shores, and from the ship to sandy beaches where throngs of adorable children greet you. Join us to experience the countless underwater wonders and cultural highlights of one of Mother Nature’s finest accomplishments.

Above and below water, a Micronesia expedition to Palau and Yap offers countless discoveries. The waters of the region teem with more than 1,400 species of fish, rainbow-hued coral reefs and walls, and marine caves. We travel aboard the intimate, 16-passenger Palau Aggressor II, making several expedition stops daily. As part of our Palau adventure travel experiences, we dive among the wrecks of Japanese planes and warships from WWII.

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